Trish Woods 
Medium ~ Psychic ~ Teacher“

We are souls having a human experience - each time we are grateful for one other we demonstrate that...”   ~Trish Woods

Current Events

Next Weekend Private Sittings with Trish :

Sunday, September 17, 2 appointments available
Saturday, October 14 (Phone only) 2 appointments available 

Weekday appointments available (please call)

Phone Appointments are booked quicker than in person.  Please call 908-526-9358 to book.


Our Home Circle Development Group is opening its doors every Wednesday evening at 7pm this Summer!

If you've ever been curious about Psychic and Spiritual Development we are inviting you to come and check us out!

AND if you've ever previously been part of our Circle, and want to join in, we happily invite you to come for learning. NO formal registration is required.

Each evening we do a long meditation, discuss an ethereal/metaphysical topic and practice psychic senses exercises. Its alot of fun and quite diverse in presentation, participation and discovery. Please call 908-526-9358 with questions or just come on by starting in June. Cost is only $25 per week.

We hope to see you then!


Friday, September 15th  7pm
At The Lippincott Center for Well Being

You're invited to a semi-private group reading with Psychic Medium Trish Woods.

There are only 10 seats in total. Trish will work for two hours giving messages from family and friends in the SpiritWorld to each participant. Come be a part of one!

Call 908 526-9358 or purchase thru the link below to reserve your seat. Early booking is recommended. Currently 5 seats are available.

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