Trish Woods 
Medium ~ Psychic ~ Teacher“

We are souls having a human experience - each time we are grateful for one other we demonstrate that...”   ~Trish Woods

How may I help you?

Private Readings
Private Readings are available by phone or in person.  Psychic readings are for helping you figure out your path, sorting out your life, your previous path and choices going forward.  These readings are available in 30 and 60 minute sessions.  Mediumship readings are communication with our loved ones in Spirit and are available only in 60 minute sessions; reason being that the time just goes so quickly, a shorter time frame is always not enough.

Group Demonstrations (Small Private Galleries)
    Home group Psychic or Spirit Communication demonstrations are also available. You need 10-11 people, and generally I work for 2-3 hours delivering messages from spirit for those present. Please write or phone contact info for availability and/or questions.

Minister Services
    Minister Assistance: Weddings, baptisms, spiritual counseling, and more available upon request. Please phone for arrangements.

Development Circles and Seminars
    Does everyone have the ability to speak with spirit? Yes, we all do. However just as everyone can learn a limerick, not everyone will be a poet. But you CAN learn to become more aware and exercise your "psychic" muscles. 
    Development circles can help you become more aware of your own gifts. They are weekly gatherings for psychic development and learning spiritual awareness and/or spiritual communication with the other side. These groups are semester long, are are taught in traditional circle style and are participatory - in other words you wont just be sitting taking notes, YOU will be working - meditating, doing psychic exercieses and connecting with spirit!
    You learn about chakras, how to "open" and "close" metaphysically, be taken on relaxing and fantastic journeys via led meditations, exercise your psychic senses, theory and Spiritualist history, ethics and integrity, and actually work to make a connection from spirit for someone working with you in your circle!  These techniques and tools are valuable as you will be learning to work personally with spirit, and you will take home new communication skillsets that can assist your own intuition, daily life and personal relationships.

    You may write to or phone 908-526-9358 and leave a message for an appointment. Please make sure you leave your name and your phone number clearly. We'll get back to you shortly!
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