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Medium ~ Psychic ~ Teacher“

We are souls having a human experience - each time we are grateful for one other we demonstrate that...”   ~Trish Woods

Trish's History

Hello everyone! Thanks for taking a moment to read a little about me.

    My name is Patricia Woods and I'm a working Spiritualist Medium. A medium, when referring to a person, is someone who is able to communicate with those people who have crossed over from human existence to their spiritual life. More details about mediumship in general is on the "about mediumship" page on this website.
    Having been trained in Europe, certified and ordained here in the U.S., I am here to help you sort out that difficult life stuff with some spiritual insight. I have been able to see, hear and sense things outside of normal human perception since I was a child. Answers to questions come to me from spirit in the form of pictures, images, phrases, words, impressions, and more. I have been working in metaphysics for over 20 years. We can work together to connect with spirit and your loved ones and I look forward to helping you.

A Little about My "Psychic" History
    Although I didn't always know it, I have been psychic from birth. I've always known little things, like who's calling on the phone, if someone is fibbing to me, who's going to surprise me at my house by just showing up, who in my family is sick, etc. I thought for the longest time, that this was normal - that everyone did this. Well, in a sense I was correct as everyone does have the ability to use their psychic senses; to what degree can be the difference. Apparently, I saw (or see) things differently than most. 
    I discovered this quite by accident at the age of 19, when I mentioned to a friend a comment about the colors I was seeing as one of our favorite songs was playing. "Colors? What colors?" was his response, which clued me in to the fact that I was different. Apparently, not everyone could see auras as I could, along with some of the other abilities I used for communicating on nonverbal levels. 
    At that time, I started to understand the difference that I felt between myself and most people. I understood that my interpersonal communication skills were poor, as I really hadn't needed them to communicate with others to find out about them. A simple handshake or stepping near someone would give me the "sense" of their true nature. Quite intuitively, I would know a great deal about someone without even realizing that was what I was doing. This would explain why shaking hands and hugs from unfamiliars, had become near impossible for me to bear.
So there I was, an "accidental intuitive" with really very little awareness of what that meant to me as well as others, and on top of that, personally extremely insecure. A series of personal tragedies and family deaths further catapulted my feeling of "different" and sent me into a pretty negative "God"-less existence. I was running - and I didn't know from what.
After awhile of living like that, the pain of running, becomes greater than the pain of what you're running from, and I had to take a look at some things. Pain is truly the touchstone of human change! I took a risk and prayed (to what I wasn't sure at the time) and, I was lucky enough to meet people who'd had similar experiences to myself and get some help with some positive change. Looking back, I can say now, that...
    1. Had I not hit such a personal low, I may never have been prompted to open my mouth and ask for help, and
    2. I could see the "divine" interventions that had run through my life to get me to the point where I was willing to grow. 

    My own little miracles! In 1987, I discovered that one of the women I met who was very spiritually supportive, did "psychic" readings. Her tool for readings was a deck of regular playing cards. As she was reading for me, I noticed that I "knew" what she was going to say before she said it - she noticed it too.  At her suggestion, she showed me how to do work with the cards, and there lay my beginning as a reader. I read for everyone who was willing! I'd go camping for a weekend and wind up with a line outside my tent. Friends would have other friends over and I'd read for everyone there. I'd head to a coffee house and read for folks there. I spent probably 7-8 years working in that way.
    Without realizing it, reading psychicly exercised my abilities and around that 7 year mark, I started feeling, sensing and hearing things I hadn't since childhood. People and animal faces  started appearing in mirrors and in my mind.  Sometimes it would happen while working for a client (or helping a friend), and sometimes spontaneously in odd places like at the bathroom sink or in the side or rearview mirror of my truck.  I asked God/Spirit for help, and again, teachers started to appear. Some of them made little sense to me, and some of them made alot of sense and were quite helpful. I applied an old but faithful philosophy of my Dad's to all the teachers and their information..... I listened with an open mind and heart, accepted what was needed at the time, and left the rest for exploration on another day. 
    A few years later, in my quest for learning about this phenomenon that was happening to me, I was introduced to a very kind person, a teaching medium who helped me a great deal.  He encouraged me to explore and expand my gifts by teaching and publicly demonstrating my work of communicating with spirit.  Truly he was correct in his encouragement, as sharing what I've learned with others, assisting and answering questions about how to work with Spirit through the energy of Love and God, has given me more gifts than I ever dreamed of. 
    Teaching has become a top priority with me because we are truly now IN the age of awareness. Currently, several development circles have blessed me with their presence. The students work very hard and lead me many times to my own answers via their questions. For example, for three years they encouraged me to become a spiritual minister, and in 2003 I became ordained.  What a blessing to bring people together in spiritual promise (weddings), and to help children unite with Spirit/God through baptism! 
    Through my work and studying, I've met other mediums from all over the world who have been more than generous with their time and assistance sharing their own experiences.  Yet more inspiration to share my own experiences here.  We are all always learning - the teacher must always remain teachable to work humbly through divine love.
    By building this website, I hope to reach others, helping in any way possible. Whether folks are in grief and need readings, or are in their own state of confusion about developing skills. My extra senses have come full circle from frightening problems to wonderful gifts. Its a joy now to be around others and to have the experience and faith to help others through psychic work and  mediumship. Hopefully, this dissertation of my experience has assisted you - many blessings on your journey!

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