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We are souls having a human experience - each time we are grateful for one other we demonstrate that...”   ~Trish Woods

What is Mediumship


Lets talk about mediumship today. We’ll just start with the basics and some definitions. What exactly does a medium do? What are their tools? How does it work?

First, lets talk about the word itself. Medium. What exactly is a medium? Well, look at your car – a vehicle. It’s a medium for travel from one place to the other. Or, your telephone, which is a medium for your voice to be carried to someone else’s ear. With this in mind, lets think of a person as a medium. The definitions then becomes that a medium is a vehicle in which one human person can speak with one spirit person. He/she can speak to spirit and convey messages in order to prove the continued life experience.

So, is it an actuall conversation that’s going on? In some cases yes. There are many ways for spirit to have conversations with us: clairvoyance, clairaudiance, clairsentiance, and empathy to name a few. Clairvoyance is “seeing” psychically. Clairaudiance is “hearing” psychically. Clairsentiance is the ability to sense and empathy is the ability to literally feel what your sitter is feeling emotionally (and spirit as well). Clairvoyance is seeing pictures, images, little movies etc. One woman in spirit kept showing me only her hands, wringing them over and over slowly – the sitter, her daughter, said this was because she had very bad arthritis in her hands. Clairaudiance is hearing words, phrases, songs, music, etc. At a psychic fair once, very early in the morning, I started to hear the word “cookies”. Each time a new sitter would sit down, I’d hear cookies cookies cookies. I would stop, check, ask the messenger if this was the “cookies” person. Finally at the end of the day, a woman sat down. Her mother was a baker – again with the cookies cookies cookies in my ear. I asked spirit again, about the cookies, and yes this was the person – her mother had a secret family recipe for cookies I was told. Clairsentiance is sensing moods, feelings, illnesses. During readings I’ve become short of breath from a heartattack, had tingles up my arm from a stroke, or had a sharp pain in my head from my head being hit in a car accident. Did all these things happen to me? No – they had happened to people who had passed and were being used as validations for the sitter in front of me at the time. Is there actuall pain happening when they are “showing” me? No, more like a sense or a memory of it. Last we have empathy. The first time I felt true empathy, I was reading for a friend of mine. Her grandfather had come thru, and was sending her his love. It was literally pouring thru me to her – once she felt it she began to cry, and I began to cry as well. I wasn’t crying – I didn’t want to cry – I wasn’t so emotionally involved that I wanted to cry – I was feeling what my sitter was feeling as well as what her passed grandfather was feeling. As I was their vehicle of love and relief, I had the tears as well.

These are some of the tools that a medium may have to share  messages with you, from your family, friends, guides and loved ones on the other side. Getting to know these tools, how spirit relates to you, and the communication between spirit and humanity, can be a lifetime of joyous learning. Most mediums are eager beavers when it comes to learning and naturally nosey people (thats a good thing for this job).

One last little item. If you are thinking of working as a medium, or doing spiritual work, there should only ever be one motive – and that is to help the sitter heal by sending the message of love.

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